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With the construction of the Limassol Marina, Limassol will become a quality tourist destination and the most exclusive waterfront development in the Mediterranean. The new marina will incorporate a collection of stylish residences, fancy restaurants and coffee houses, shops and conference facilities. Already, the first apartment units have been sold to Russian, European and Arab investors. The natural beauty of the region and the development of the Limassol Marina make Limassol the ideal place to invest in property; one can find various properties for sale in the city center, property for sale just meters away from the seafront, as well as properties in the serene villages of the Troodos Mountains which are less than 30 minutes away.

Houses for sale in Limassol: experts will tell us that the value of real estate is in the land which is worth more than the assembly of the walls and roof of a house, and that buying a house, or a villa, where the value of the land beneath it appreciates for many years is in the long run the best choice in property investment. A house enjoys a higher capital gains growth than an apartment, regardless of the real estate market’s ups and downs, and this growth is determent by the location of the house and the development of the surrounding area; in Limassol this means proximity to the waterfront.

Although a house needs on-going maintenance, owning a house gives a sense of financial security, but also stability, particularly to children who don’t like changing neighbourhood, school and friends. New 3 and 4 bedrooms houses are built in some of the most prestigious areas of Limassol, and they are intended for families. They offer more space, but most important, they offer privacy; you can entertain friends, barbecue, or turn up your music and do what you want without being disturbed and without disturbing others. Another benefit of having your own house is that you can use part of the yard to grow your own garden, or turn part of the area surrounding the property into a play area for the children and pets. With regard to location, some important details to check when you are buying a house are the links to roads, proximity to schools, shops and other amenities, availability of parking space, sources of noise in the area, and because there is nothing worse than a bad neighbour, you should also check your neighbours.

Athanasiou specializes in Limassol properties for sale.

See our available houses for sale in Limassol.

Villas for sale in Limassol: like houses, villas enjoy a high capital gains growth. They offer privacy, but most important they offer luxury to those who are looking for ultra modern, stylish high class living. Villas are built at lush green exclusive locations just meters from the water in some of the most sought after areas of Limassol and offer spectacular ocean and city views. They are usually surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that ensure the residents’ privacy, and they have multiply parking spaces and their own swimming pool and gym.

Villas need a lot of maintainance - the garden needs weeding, the pool needs cleaning etc - but their owners can count on the after sale services of the developer from whom they bought the villa. Such services often include full garden maintenance and grounds keeping, regular cleaning and maintenance of the pool and pool equipment, as well as house cleaning services.
See our available villas for sale in Limassol.

Apartments for sale in Limassol: apartments expand homeownership choices. Obviously, apartments don’t provide the privacy and freedom of a house, but they need less maintenance, they are more affordable, and if they offer good views and they are located in a premium neighbourhood where the land beneath them is worth a lot of money, apartments can be a very smart investment.

Most apartment buildings in Limassol are built at central locations and provide easy access to roads, highways, shops and other amenities. They are usually arranged on 3, or 4 levels - and depending on their size - they are preferred by young families, or single people. The price of an apartment is affected not only by the sqm of the area that it covers, but also by the floor level, its orientation which should allow in enough air and sunlight and by whether it offers views and  has a balcony from where you can enjoy them. So when buying an apartment and paying for a view, a detail you should check is whether there are any plans for the development of other buildings in the area which may block your view.

Living on any level has its benefits and downsides. The top floors may offer better views and they may be quieter since no one lives above you, however, you will need to use an elevator, or climb the stairs to get to your apartment. Apartments in the lower level are more easily accessible, but they don’t offer good views and they are closer to the road and the noise. An apartment in the middle floor means that you will be hearing your downstairs and upstairs neighbours and if there are small children living above or below, you will be living with a lot of noise.

Some other details you should check when buying an apartment is the outside sources of noise; if the apartment faces a busy street, or is too close to nightclubs, the traffic noise from cars and club patrons and loud music may be a problem and you will be spending a lot of sleepless nights. Also, you should check the security measures for the building and whether there is available storage and parking spaces.

Apartments for Rent in Limassol: some people choose to pay rent and live free of worries such as property value swings, physical damages to the property as a result of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, yard and building maintenance, fixing of clogged sinks and repairing, or purchasing of new appliances. Most apartments are furnished, and all these worries are the responsibility of the landlord. People who rent can easily pack their stuff and move when their job location changes, or when they find a cheaper and better apartment.

Of course renting has also its downsides. When you live in a rental apartment you never know who lives next door because people move in and out often, there is usually a lot of noise, limited space and little freedom to make changes to the space. There is a large variety of apartments for rent in Limassol - with 2 bedrooms being the most popular - including luxury apartments for professionals, short term rental apartments for tourists, studio apartments for singles and apartments for couples and small families. Apartments that are centrally located and close to amenities and leisure activities and those that offer sea, or mountain views are of course more desirable, and therefore more expensive.

Chr. Athanasiou Construction and Development Ltd offers you the chance to choose how and where you want to live

Mr. Chr. Athanasiou – a veteran in the industry with 37 years of experience - leads a team of experienced and dedicated industry professionals including architects, civil engineers, landscapers, craftsmen and interior designers. Before building, the company conducts a detail environmental study and a market research for each plot in order to determent the right type of property for each plot and to ensure that the property meets the needs of the target clients. The company has an extensive knowledge of the most advanced technological developments in the construction industry, and it is often the first to implement these advanced technologies in Cyprus; in many cases the company is able to secure exclusivity for specialized building materials. All the company’s properties come with guaranteed title deeds.

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