How to ensure you are buying a quality property

Whether you are interested in buying a house, an apartment, or a piece of land, to ensure that you are buying a quality property, you should take your time to research the market so as to find out what is being offered in the area you want to buy, to compare prices and to check out all legal aspects regarding your purchase.  As well, you should take your time to check key factors such as road links to the property that interests you, its proximity to shops and other services such as banks, health care facilities, restaurants, leisure activities, and if relevant, the property’s proximity to schools and public transportation.

In case you are interested in a piece of land, you should also check whether the property has access to the road - otherwise you will not be able to build - make sure the land is not included in an area where building is restricted, that the area is not subject to road widening and that water supply, electricity and phone connection are possible.

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If the area where the house, apartment, or property you are interested in is not fully developed, before deciding consider how your property will be affected by future development in the area, particularly if you are paying extra for views.

Once you find what you want, before you sign anything seek independent and reliable advice from a local legal consultant and research the developer you choose to deal with by checking the record of the company’s credit, its status and registration number. As well, inspect and view other properties built by the company, talk to the owners of those properties about the quality of the work, find out about the services that the developer offers after the sale and ask the company to provide you with a set of specifications for the fixtures and fittings of the property you are buying.

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Finally, make sure the property you are buying is free of charges (mortgage) so as to avoid complications and delays with the transfer of property title deed, check whether there is a building permit and whether a certificate of approval for the building has been obtained from the appropriate authority.

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